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Spiritual-Busyness: From Surviving to Thriving
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I started this journey of creating the Spiritual-Busyness model thirty-five years ago, almost by accident. I hadn’t intended to create a brand-new dynamic busyness model, that is demonstrably sustainable forever. A model that ends the them and us syndrome in our global communities and has the potential to end poverty in our world too.

A model that heals many of the financial ills in our societies by creating a co-operative busyness model with an exponential growth base. A model that empowers people in their daily busyness, through its transformational workshop called LNC! It’s been a good journey for me personally although there were many times when I was ready to throw in the towel as it was a tough gig at times.

A journey that would have me stand for Federal politics, here in Australia on two occasions on the basis of introducing my community creating busyness model. This journey led me to an understanding of the fraud of our banking and political systems and why so much of our human population experience poverty on different levels! Further, it has led me to understand that I have to contact the fraud squad of the Australian Federal Police and charge our banking system with fraud and our governments with treason!

This Spiritual-Busyness journey started out as a real business for me in the late nineteen eighties, early nineteen nineties. A business to build a safe-house for residents in a bush-fire situation in fire prone areas of Australia. I was a volunteer member of the Country Fire Authority (CFA) here in Victoria, the state in which I live. I had attended many bushfires over the years and saw this need for a fire-shelter. I was a self-taught builder with a penchant for high innovation.

The building was a gem of a building, I say in all humility and still is, magnificently safe and very attractive. In six months, I generated twenty-five million dollars’ worth of interest in the building, which included the Victorian Ministry of Education who wanted 160 units to be placed in ‘at risk’ Primary Schools around the state.

The Ministry had spent the previous two years doing R&D on their own fire shelter. Their building was rectangular in shape with a flat roof and twice the size of mine. I could link two hexagon units together to give them the floor size they required. They sent a team of architects and engineers to evaluate my building and concluded it was safer than their own building. Bottom line, they wanted to know was, what would it cost for two buildings? Twenty-five thousand dollars was my answer.

The regional manager of the Ministry nearly fell over. Their building cost one hundred thousand dollars. I could give them four times the number of buildings for the same amount of money. My building also had a high cyclone rating because of its shape that the Ministry’s building didn’t have.

The hexagon shape and the way I designed it also lent itself to be used as multi-functional buildings, such as houses, offices, granny flats etc, all with a high fire rating. The building because of its design was also fast to erect. It was designed to be erected in one day and could be lived in that night. In reality it was a flat-pack Lego set building. Six wall, roof, and eve panels, and two floor panels, were the essence of this sweet building all constructed in a factory setting.

I had a small team of volunteers helping me build the building. They were mainly women who had no background in building experience, but quickly adapted to their new work environment and work roles. They loved the idea of the co-operative busyness model in which they would be shareholders, in partnership with myself. They holding the 51% equity, I holding the 49% equity.

The outcome of this business attempt for myself left me technically bankrupt despite being promised an R&D grant from the government of the day of double the amount I owed my bank. My overdraft with my bank was for $11,000 dollars. Four years later my bank took me to court and had a judgement awarded against me for $56,000. The difference being the amount of interest accrued over 4 years. Oh, and the bank forgot to tell me they were taking me the court, which is illegal. They had to serve a writ on me personally! They knew where I lived. If I had gone to court, I would have told the National Australia Bank to collect their money of the Victorian State Government.

The government denied ever having made the promise of a grant, despite the fact I did a freedom of information (FOI) search of the department concerned. With an apology by the FOI officer for the time the search had taken, who said. “My file had gone missing in the Minister’s office, and he (the FOI officer) had to piece together a new file from the Regional offices concerned.” This file was an inch thick and contained a draft letter from the man who made the promise, congratulating me on getting the grant. The draft letter was never sent to me.

My understanding in the new chapter of my book, The Fraud of Government and our Banking System, explains why so many inconsistencies of that journey for me. One of those inconsistencies was what is known as the Black Saturday bushfires here in Victoria. The fires started on the 7th of February 2009 and 173 people died as a result. If there had been hexagonal fire shelters for people in rural school grounds, there may have been a lot less deaths on Black Saturday.

That fire-shelter project didn’t go ahead because I couldn’t raise the money for a great idea! Money that comes from nowhere! A lack of money now holds our world to ransom over climate change. When do we get it as humanity? I think when we charge our governments and banks with pure fraud!

As I said at the start of this document this journey for me has been thirty-five year long and resulted in this book and my intention to hand my understanding of the fraud of government and banking (my new chapter) to Australia’s equivalent of America’s FBI and have those charged accordingly. Why?

Because I think as citizens of our democracies, we need to demand more honesty of our politicians and bankers, to avoid what in Henry Ford’s quote is an obvious conclusion. “It is well that the citizens of our nation don’t understand our banking and financial system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.” Our banking system is a scam endorsed by our political system and politicians, which effectively mean we live in a plutocracy, not a democracy! I invite you to read my letter to the fraud squad of the Australian Federal Police on this site.

Yours sincerely,

Alex Graham.

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