Letter to the Fraud Squad

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

The Fraud Squad

Australian Federal Police

Dear Sirs,

I wish to report a case of fraud. I don’t take this action lightly but believe I have no other choice, as fraud is fraud, and it concerns our banking and financial industry and governments. I further allege our Australian Constitution is flawed because of this banking fraud, which dates back to 1694 (banking fraud) and King William of Orange. The flaw appears in Section 51 item (IV) of our Constitution, which states the government have the power to borrow money on behalf of the Commonwealth of Australia. The flaw exists in the word borrow! For money comes from nowhere or thin air as we all know, why don’t our government have the power to write their own Money Supply into existence through their treasury?

If our governments don’t have the power to write their own Money Supply (credit) into existence from the same place as private banks do. Then said government are nothing more than proxy agents of a private banking cartel who do have that power! The government then, by definition and default, are proxy agents of the banks they borrow money off, not the people who voted them into office and pay their salaries, which is both fraudulent and deceptive.

Furthermore, when our government borrow money by issuing bonds to finance their policies aren’t the government really collecting tax on behalf of the banks, they borrow money off rather than the voters who vote them into office and pay their salaries? This leads me to question that our government have the authority to tax the residents of the Commonwealth of Australia! After all we didn’t vote for a bank in our elections, we voted for a politician to represent us!

There would be many benefits for our citizens if our democratically elected Constitutional Sovereign government had this Money Supply power. The first of these benefits would be the government could write that money out of existence again just like a private bank does when they foreclose on a loan or mortgage. If one applies this logic to the Covid 19 Pandemic situation, our government could write into existence all the money needed for the Job Keeper and Job Seeker benefits, pay the money to the beneficiaries, and then write it out of existence again. The result, no national debt (300 billion dollars) and no inflation! Note, if the money does not exist anymore then it can’t be inflationary! The citizens of our nation are being penalised financially and emotionally for Covid 19 which is not the fault of any citizen. And our government are meant to be working for us, we the citizens in our democracy.

The government could underwrite all Australian home and business mortgages and any loss of income due to the Pandemic. To not adopt this possibility has to be an act of treason on behalf of our democratically elected government now that they are aware of the flaw. As for any supply (goods and services) shortages that are obviously inflationary, this is well taken care of at the end of this document with a new business model.

The banking fraud of which I speak is known as Fractional Reserve Lending or banking (FRL). A more accurate name for the FRL fraud acronym would be, Fraud, Rorting and Looting by the banks, with the blessings of our governments! We are told we live in a market economy, but the reality is we live in a manipulated economy, manipulated through the banks by FRL.

I recently had a conversation with my local bank manager regarding saving Australia’s economy from Covid 19 which went as follows in part. “If the government had the power to write its own Money Supply into existence it could write 300 trillion dollars into existence if that’s what it took to save our economy.” My bank manager totally agreed with me! Go and ask your own bank manager? While the government borrow money off private banks by the issuance of bonds, any natural disasters are a banking bonanza, and our nation slips further into debt. A debt that has to be repaid according to our Treasurer. But does it? It only has to be repaid while governments borrow money.

I am not prepared to allow this fraud to continue for my children, your children, or any children, including the P.M.’s. I have made every attempt to contact politicians from the Prime Minister Scott Morrison down, regarding this fraud and flaw. It is interesting to note when Scott Morrison was Australia’s Treasurer in 2016, he voted on twenty-three occasions against the need for a Royal Commission into banking. The implication of prosecuting this fraud is that you will not just be doing it for Australia but every democracy in our world, as this fraud and flaw are global. As a result of this fraud and flaw, I assert we live in a plutocracy, not a democracy!

If you follow the logic of my Covid 19 response and our government having the power to write into existence its own Money Supply the same conditions could apply to any natural disaster, such as bushfires, floods, or droughts. Another natural disaster that has come about by the fraud of government and banking is the 1.1 million Australian children who live below the poverty line. A poverty line is an absence of money line. What we know about money is that it comes from nowhere, so why is there ever an absence of money for the wellbeing of Australia’s children? Answer, banking, and government fraud.

This fraud is the reason for Henry Ford’s statement, I believe. “It is well that the citizens of our nation don’t understand our banking and financial system for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.” The only people who benefit from revolutions are the bankers who buy the guns and bullets that kill the people who revolt. It is time our citizens knew about the fraud of banking and our governments.

FRL dates back to the days of King William of Orange, who wrote into English Law that the Bank of England, could lend two pounds for every pound the bank held on deposit. How is this possible? How can one lend something one doesn’t own or have in one’s possession? Well, if you believe in the power of Kings, Magic, banks and FRL you can, it seems.

King William came from a Dutch banking family. He also started the Bank of England in 1694. In twelve days, King William, and his misses Queen Mary the II and 10 of their cronies raised 1.2 million pounds to start this privately owned bank. Talk about a tad of insider trading! Modern day bankers have raised the ante to a ratio of 10:1, allowing them to lend ten dollars for every dollar held on deposit. The Bank of England remained a privately owned bank until 1947 when it became a Reserve Bank. Reserve Banks are part of the same scam and create a thing called Fiat currency which is a currency that is backed by governments. Reserve Banks band aid a system created by the fraud of banks in the first place and add the resulting debt to a counties national debt to be repaid by current and future generations. How is this not fraud and debt slavery?

Our monetary system is a fraudulent card house that constantly crashes. But our monetary system has been engineered to crash by the banks, simply by expanding or contracting the money supply. Every time it crashes the banks and bankers get richer and the citizens get poorer. Oxfam UK say there are nine people in the world who have more wealth than half our world’s population! If, our monetary system were a car, the manufacturers would be sued out of existence overnight because it would be classified as a lemon, because it crashes all the time. Is banking, and our government and FRL salvageable? Yes! But not in their current forms.

Australia is currently experiencing a crisis in affordable housing due to inflated prices for real estate. Why are prices so inflated? Well, there are many reasons, but a primary one is the culture of competition. People competing at auction (competitions) pushes the prices higher (inflation) which are in turn financed by the banks who get their money from thin air. This thin-air money is at an all-time low cost. That is record low interest rates! Already there are rumours on the streets that banks are about to raise interest rates on home loans. The Reserve Bank says no but the banks do what they like because they say we live in a market economy, but it is really a manipulated economy. The banks appear to raise interest rates on a whim! Why doesn’t our gutless government step in and freeze interest rates? Answer, because your government work for the banks, not you.

It is crazy that prices are so high at the moment coming out of Covid where there is high job insecurity happening. But what Australia is going through currently is so reminiscent of the 2008 Global Financial Crash. Remember the GFC when the American banks were lending money to Americans who didn’t even have jobs, to buy houses in some cases. They tore the heart and soul out of countries around our world. Lest we Forget! The FED wrote into existence a trillion dollars to save General Motors and AIG insurance because they were considered to big to fail. And who has to pay back the trillion dollars, the US taxpayer of course? I remember thinking at the time The FED must own GM and AIG. Seems like I was right about GM and AIG ownership through Blackrock and The Vanguard Group.

In Peter Palms link at the end of this document he mentions two groups of people in the late 1690’s in the time of King Billie da Orange. The first group were the political scientists, and the second group were the banking scientists. It is at this point a cabal emerged between banking and politics and it has bloodied our democracies ever since. Understanding this banking scam has allowed me to understand why Australia was settled with convict labour. The answer can be found in the socio-economic conditions that existed in England at that time in history. Has anything really changed? It’s time for a new era, a new paradigm, a new democracy!

When, an institution such as the banking industry magics’ money into existence through a practice called Fractional Reserve Lending (FRL), the outcome we’ve got is the only one possible. What is the outcome of which I speak? Debt slavery and two companies, one publicly listed, Blackrock, and one privately owned The Vanguard Group. These two investment companies are the major shareholder of every other listed business and government in the world. If you do the arithmetic, it can’t be any other way. This ownership is a product of fraud, money from nowhere, competition and debt slavery.

If one were to examine the books of the privately owned Vanguard Group which is probably not possible one would find that the Rothschild family head this group, I assert. I have a three line note from the head of the Rothschild bank, Sir Evelyn de Rothschild in response to a letter I wrote to him in 1999. I asked him how he felt about some of the shenanigans his family had got up to over time and did he want to do anything about it. Sir Evelyn declined my invitation in his 3-line response. Sir Evelyn de Rothschild is the chief financial adviser to Queen Elisabeth 11. The word out there is this Covid 19 thing is really a power grab for One World Government by the bankers, the one percent elite, the illuminati. I have included a link about Blackrock and the Vanguard Group. Is this what you want for your children?

My reason for taking this action stems from my belief in our democracy and faith in the goodness of people. As I said before I no longer believe we have a democracy because of our flawed Constitution. My belief in our democracy however has had me stand for Federal politics on two occasions. The first time in 1996 and the second time in 2019. On both occasions it was for the Federal Seat of Ballarat. On both occasions my stand was about introducing a new business model to my electorate. A model that would end our boom bust economic modelling and the banking fraud shenanigans of FRL and is sustainable forever.

In 2018 I published a book about my model titled, Spiritual-Busyness from Surviving to Thriving. It would be an excellent model for a new possibility for the future of the banking industry now. It would allow interest rates of between 1-3% simple interest, not compound interest and redefine the world economy. Alternatively, a Spiritual-Busyness bank could simply charge a fee for service with no interest! No Spiritual-Busyness busyness would be listed on the stock exchange as they would be all privately owned by community members.

The ability to keep interest rates so low comes from the Spiritual-Busyness structure that generates high financial returns to its owner shareholders whowork within the dynamic structure actively, personally and creatively. These busynesses would be all privately owned by community members. Having said that the model is privately owned however the Spiritual-Busyness model generates a blue-ribbon sustainable investment opportunity open to the general public and government that would pay a very healthy return on investment, by investing in the infrastructure requirements of the new Spiritual-Busyness busynesses.

In the 2019 election a woman who read my book said of it, “your model is brilliant and the world’s banking system is a scam.” Red lights started flashing for me as I investigated her scam allegations over the next six months and conclude she is right, and I also found a flaw in our Constitution.

This woman was a retired international taxation accountant and has worked for some of the largest accountancy firms in the world. I spent about eight months contacting firstly the High Court Register in Melbourne with regard to our flawed Constitution. The woman I spoke to said I should mount a High Court Challenge then. I attempted to do this on-line but quickly got lost in legal mumbo jumbo speak, as I am not a lawyer. I couldn’t find a lawyer willing to take it on.

So, I contacted our Prime Minister Scott Morrison. Many letters and emails later, and not a boo out of the PM in response. I decided that due to the serious implications of this matter, I would contact all Australia’s Attorney Generals, both State and Federal, as it was really their job to address a flaw in our Constitution and they are all lawyers and taxpayers after all. My only response was from the South Australian and Tasmanian State AG’s saying they would not intervene in such a Challenge.

I have included some links below that I used in my research that I believe will be helpful to you. One of the link authors described the relationship between our elected government and the bankers as a cabal. Another linked author describes the FRL practice as an institionalised Ponzi scheme. Fraud by any other name is still fraud. I believe that while the banks are committing fraud our government is committing an act of Treason against the people who voted them into office and pay their salaries and should be charged with Treason.

It is the ability of banks to conjure money from thin air through FRL that has led to this private group of a…holes known as elite bankers to become the majority shareholder of every listed business on the global stock exchanges of our world. How’s that for a killer fraud? Of course, when they can just write money into existence on a whim from nowhere, or thin air, buying the majority stock of every listed major company in the world is not really a problem, but it does amount to the most major criminal fraud and theft of other people’s work and business in the history of humanity. When you get through investigating this fraud and charge those responsible, you will be raising billions, or trillions of dollars in fines for this scam on humanity and our democracies, by confiscating their property.

Well, that is the bad news out of the way. Now for the good news! My new busyness model I mentioned earlier can overcome all the problems caused by these criminal bankers and politicians and FRL. I have created a new transformational workshop, called Life is Not a Competition, Life Just Is, Let Life Flow (LNC) to point people in the right direction to adjust to the Spiritual-Busyness model. Spiritual-Busyness is a unique new community creating, 49/51% equity owned franchised co-operative. The 49 % equity is owned by the parent company and the 51% is owned by the, working in their community, coalface 51% owners.

The model turns the hierarchal model of the banking dynasties upside down. The model can also be used to transform a government department. As a note I believe government departments were born out of the shenanigans between bankers and politicians! Now the model of Spiritual-Busyness has been born the expression between people and productivity, fun and abundance can be explored in more depth.

Put simply, the Spiritual-Busyness model’s purpose and intention is to create happy, joyful, abundant, intelligent, creative communities everywhere in the world, for everybody. The model has an exponential growth base and I believe it would eliminate poverty in our world quickly and not by charity or philanthropy but by empowerment with LNC. The model is ultra-democratic and eliminates the ‘them and us syndrome,’ of employee/employer relationships as everyone in the future network is an equal shareholder with one shareholding each, whether in the 49% equity role, or the 51% role. Its Spiritual flavour comes from the creative nature of humanity which has been savagely curtailed by the exploitive criminal nature of FRL as practiced by the banks and government which is more about control than creativity. Spiritual-Busyness will redefine FRL and give it much needed authenticity!

The more community that is created with Spiritual-Busyness model, the more money that is made by the community. That community includes bankers and politicians. There won’t be a need for Unions as there will just be unity present. For example, if childcare were needed by a Spiritual-Busyness busyness, you would just start a new childcare busyness up. This would immediately generate more community busyness and wealth as there would be a need for childcare in just about every community and community busyness. So, in starting one new childcare busyness in any community, you would be starting a new busyness for the entire country. Ditto for new community care for the elderly where there is an emphasis on high staffing ratios and loving community care.

What I am saying here is that money is just a symbol or token of something, and banks and government have given it a meaning and purpose that is just one version of what’s possible, i.e. control, debt slavery and ownership. Spiritual-Busyness on the other hand is giving the symbol money an entirely new and different meaning in relation to one’s daily busyness or work. That meaning is love, kindness, creativity, abundance, and fair-dinkum democracy for Australia. The kind that would put our National Anthem, Advance Australia Fair, in fast forward for all Australians.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention the models come with their own political movement as well, called the Global Interdependance Movement (GIM), which is a co-operative political model that community can have direct input into, for that is its busyness. That also includes the new breed of co-operative politicians, for GIM is an inclusive model. With the right modelling life could be a dance for every human being on our planet. When the government write their own Money Supply into existence, we will eliminate poverty entirely, which will make your job of policing a whole lot easier as it will reduce significantly, or possibly eliminate crime altogether. Imagine!

First things first though, we need a referendum to legitimise our government by writing its own Money Supply into existence. Why don’t you start a GIM co-operative government branch in your community today and become your communities next State or Federal member of Parliament?

Don’t worry there will be plenty of new and exciting types of work that will payoutrageously high salaries for outrageously fun work and busyness, with fairly minimal hours involved. I promise you, you won’t be bored, or poor! One last thing, we could well expect to see a dramatic drop in taxation rates and a higher standard of living for all. Of course, there would be a living wage for all humanity that allows for dignity, happiness, and purpose in one’s life.

Ultimately, we would aim for full employment through Spiritual-Busyness for good work is about good service and good community connection. As for climate change that will all be well covered and taken care of, and as early as 2025 would be possible, if we got a wiggle on. It surely must be realised by now if your government had the power to write its own Money Supply into existence then the government could afford to buy everyone an electric vehicle if that was what was needed. Or anything else that was needed in the way of full employment and creative new technology that eliminated dinosaur coal fired power stations and the like! That should make the schoolstrike4climatechange kids happy!

Well, that’s about it from me. I can provide a copy of all the documentation and letters that I have sent to politicians’, and I include one to Catherine King MHR with this letter who is my local Federal M.P. for the seat of Ballarat for the moment.

Kind regards,

Alex Graham

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